Yakuplu Mh. Birlik Cd. Beysan San. Sit. No: 38/2
Beylikdüzü / İSTANBUL / TURKEY

About Us


Ender Kitapçı Çikolata Gıda San. ve Tic. A.S. was founded in 1992.   The foundation and skills of the Grissini craftsmanship has been expertly learned from Grissini masters. Our company has continuously sought to improve the quality of its products by tested and innovative methods.  In 1994, the product was offered to retailers in a carefully thought format so that Grissini could be offered to customers ensuring no breakages.


Our company has made constant developments in all stages of production by using food processing techniques suitable for Grissini production. Our company produces a total of 4000 kg per day in 2 varieties -  plain and wholewheat Grissini - manufactured in a covered area of ​​1400 m². The total production capacity of our company is 8000 kg per day.


Our company policy is to strive to produce the highest quality products in accordance with the expectations, needs and requirements of our customers.  We also maintain the strictest of quality control in accordance with the National and International Legal requirements in the Quality and Food Safety Management system.  We ensure that the continuity of the training and development of our employees complies with the rigorous requirements of security without compromising our Company's core values of excellence with internal and external communications.


 We have a fully integrated BRC Quality and Food Security system and Certification, and pay close attention to providing a progressive and integral system to ensure our staff are well cared for in a mindful and meaningful manner.  We also comply to the highest standards of health, hygiene with the environment, fulfilling all the requirements of the BRC system.

 The company has one laboratory  where the  effective analyzes for our production are made.